We have been successfully developing the chain of our Hostels for a few years now. We invest in new facilities to build the dynamic group capable of meeting rising demands set by the hotel market. We have enough experience, know-how and resources to share the profits arising in connection with efficient cooperation.

We are not a marketing Group only that would be focused on promoting just one area of cooperation. We do not establish common loyalty or promotion programmes; nor we participate in trade fairs. We are moving a step ahead – we have a common reservation inquiry system, a common telephone number under which you can obtain information about our services.

Our group is extremely flexible. We believe in positive relations with our guests and business partners. Our chain invests both in people and places. Thanks to our extensive experience in revitalization, we are capable of delivering new Hostels in interesting settings and thus help them acquire a brand new character.

Professionalism in actions is one of our guidelines. Aside from expertise and competences in undertaken challenges, our staff exhibits courteous manners in interpersonal contacts. Smiling and hand-shaking do not escape our attention.

Our Group believes in a dynamic development; we always look ahead when planning next actions.


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